TRUTHS: participez au groupe consultatif de la mission

L’ESA recherche actuellement des membres du groupe consultatif de la mission Earth Watch TRUTHS à:

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ESA is currently looking for members of the Earth Watch mission TRUTHS Mission Advisory Group at:

The Call for Applications was released on Wednesday 8 July at noon (12:00hrs CEST) and will close on 15 September at noon(12:00hrs CEST).

The TRUTHS mission is designed to provide SI (System International) traceable fiducial reference measurements of the Earth radiation budget from near-UV to SWIR through direct observations establishing a ‘metrology laboratory in space’. TRUTHS main objective is to establish a reference (benchmark) measurement of the state of the planet, against which future observations can be compared to allow climate model improvements and forecast testing, and provide observational evidence of climate change, including mitigation strategies, in the shortest time possible.

The TRUTHS mission has the following three payloads:

1.     Hyperspectral Imaging Spectrometer (HIS): Continuous spectral sampling across the nearUV-VIS-SWIR (320 nm to 2450 nm), 5-10nm spectral resolution, SNR 300, 50m spatial resolution, 50-100km swath, passively cooled @135K

2.     Cryogenic Solar Absolute Radiometer(CSAR): On-board primary standard for radiance/irradiance, ~10 times more accurate than operational radiometers, actively cooled @60K

3.     OBCS: On-Board Calibration System made of a Transfer Radiometer, low power Laser Diodes, Integrating Sphere and Wheel Diffuser with two diffusers.

In line with established procedures, the Agency invites qualified Earth Observation experts to apply for membership. Applicants will find the Scope, Terms of Reference, etc. of the Advisory Group on the website including user registration.

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